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Offshore fishing

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Yue zhu yu 30083

Product detail

Ship name: Yuezhu Fishing 30083

Species: offshore fishing vessels

Total length: 36.80M Width: 6.80M depth: 3.80M

Water intake: 3.00M water discharge: 451.40t sailing speed: 9.42Kn

Gross ton: 244GT

Host model and power: YC6T250C /2 sets/HCT800/8.4:1 *2 sets

1# generator set: ZH4100ZCD/STC2-30H/30KW

2# generator set: ZH4100ZCD/STC2-30H/30KW

3# Generator set: YC6T250C/STC2-24H/24KW/shaft belt


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