Adhere to the "careful design, fine management, seiko construction, sincere service" guidelines

Business Scope

Adhere to the guiding principle of "meticulous design, precise management, precise construction, and sincere service"
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About Hexing

Ningbo Dajiang Shipbuliding Co., Ltd is a professional manufacturer of container ships, tankers, bulk carriers, tugs, refrigerated transport vessels, oil spill recovery vessels, ship a variety of engineering, law enforcement boats, sightseeing boats, fishing boats, and various offshore leisurely modernization of private enterprises and offshore fishing vessels, the registered capital of three thousand yuan, a project co…

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Ningbo Dajiang Shipbuliding Co., Ltd.
Address: Zhejiang Xiangshan Hepu Town ship base
Zip: 315733
Tel: 086-574-65015908  
Fax: 086-574-65017789